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Holistic Development

EastPole offer Cambridge English courses for global standards and ABACUS classes to foster mental growth. Join us for quality education and holistic development.

Special Education

EastPole provides specialized education, enhancing students' abilities through advanced features, educational tools, and a practical-based approach.

Book & Library

At EastPole, we take pride in our well-equipped library featuring a wide variety of books. Additionally, our smart board-equipped environment empowers students to utilize these resources for enhancing their knowledge effectively.


East-Pole History

East-Pole is a premier and vibrant school with outstanding facilities and reputation in a very wide range of activities as well as high academic standard. The school was established in 1995 with just 216 students in the very First year. Today, it has become a vibrant family of 1200 students and 100 teaching and non-teaching staffs. East-Pole is considered as the best and most-sought institution in Kathmandu valley. We feel proud of our quality and creative education by equipping our students with skill, confidence and a positive approach with all round development. The school is relentlessly striving to perceive and maintain academic excellence. At amiable environment East-Pole nurtures creativity, passion, resilience and leadership quality among students for development of versatility, personality and are able to meet the challenges of our society with confidence. Indeed, the school has played remarkable role in the career and personality of innumerable students who have become successful doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, bankers etc in the country and abroad, keeping the East-Pole flag flying high


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Ways to manage an eye infection:

Wash hands often, avoid rubbing eyes, use warm/cold compress for itching, keep personal items separate, no makeup sharing, avoid contacts, rest eyes from screens, sanitize devices, use lubricating drops, avoid patches, and skip swimming. Seek medical advice for relief and prevention.

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Make Your Parents Proud By Studying Smart Not Hard.

Nowadays, studying smart not hard is challenging for every student. Indeed there is a rush of getting better grades in the final exams. Getting better grades and scores doesn’t necessarily have to mean studying for more hours. Eventually, you will be losing your sleep and, cutting your game time and family time. Further losing sleep, and cutting your game/sports time will have an adverse effect on your health as well as studies.

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Precaution To Be Followed By Parents On Handing Gadgets

There are many things a parent should consider before providing a smartphone and/or laptop to their children. A smartphone/tablet/laptop is a must-have for everyone today and even kids need to study, communicate, socialize, and for entertainment. We are going to discuss how to have better parent-child relationships and encourage healthier tech habits.

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