Chairman Message

Message from Chairman


East-Pole Management College was founded with mission of developing business leader capable of making decision in complex global environment leaders who are dedicated to service the organization, society as well as the country. We therefore seek to develop leadership as well as creativity and teamwork skills that are critical to success in a competitive business environment.


I am very pleased that East-Pole Management College has spread and blossomed into well structured and well equipped management college with students drawn from all parts of Nepal.


We are proud of our past achievements but as a progressive educational College. We need to work into future and the future needs of our society, country and globalization issue, which our students have to address when they go out to the work with society.

Therefore we had been striving hard to create a professional environment, based on our ethical and moral values, so as to nurture the professional attitude with the feeling of responsibility to our society in our student. We aim to equip students with technical knowledge, capabilities, flexibility and an understanding of the societal context of corporate world.


I look forward to welcoming you at this important juncture of your career in East-Pole. We plan to spread our wings further and reach the new skies by way of expanding infrastructure and introducing more professional and career oriented course in future.

Ishwor Prasad Sapkota



Principal Message

Message From Principal


The first thing I would like you to know about East-Pole College is that we give our students permission to dream big. Our mission is to nurture individual potential. We believe in cultivating intelligence and talent rather than being fixed and finite, intelligence and talent will expand and grow given the right encouragement. So we aim to keep students dream and aspiration alive.

We provide sufficient opportunities to each student to discover and understand themselves, face and overcome challenges with the globalization of technology and liberalization of economy. We need to produce quality entrepreneur and managers who can provide competitive products, jobs and services to the society and country.

East-Pole provides state of art, infrastructure and most modern equipment and facilities of computer lab, classroom, auditorium, library, sporting activities, Co-curricular activities etc.

We are proud of strong team of well qualified, experienced and committed management faculty lectures, advisors and staffs who will guide you personally in your journey from an amateur to a young management professional.

We after educational experience that is shaped key commitment, enthusiasm, discipline, effectiveness, insight and creativity that can with stand the demand of the contemporary world.

With big heart and millions of promises I welcome you to be a part of East-Pole.


Rajesh Rai.