Science Lab

Science lab too, is an extension of the classroom which provides a platform for students and teacher to work together.  The lab is well equipped for hands-on activities for the students of middle and high school. It is our corners: book corner, observation desk, computer with high speed internet and experiment desk, each providing a good knowledge to the student at their core understanding level.


School Library


Library consists of various kinds of books related to different areas where the students are required to do the extensive study in a peaceful manner. Library in East-Pole provides a great variety of books which helps our students to acquire extra knowledge in various subjects. Membership cards are issued to the individual children from the beginning session which is valid till the end of the session. Card helps the students to borrow the desired books from the library.


Computer education is highly emphasized with the latest trends and technologies in our school. Our school has been providing a quality computer education since its foundation days to all the students through to computer labs (senior and junior) with more than fifty sophisticated computers sets. All the students easily carry out their practical classes with one to one ratio of computer set in the presence of practical teachers in both the labs.

Lab has complete multimedia facilitated sets with complete networking and 24 hours internet access where generally students grade II to X carry their daily practical classes assigned by their theory teachers.


School Bus

Our transportation system covers most of the valley. We have 5 difference routes in different directions. Every year we review our routes according to the need of our children. For ensuring the children’s security, we have managed professional and disciplined drivers and helpers. We provide transportation for day scholar students. We provide free bus service of playgroup children, considering the parents hectic and busy schedule.

Purified Drinking Water with Latest Euro Technology

Drinking Water with Latest Euro Technology

School Cafeteria provides safe, hygienic and nutritious food items. The school promotes an existence of wellness by serving meals that are of high quality, nutritious, enjoyable and economical, abiding by basic etiquettes of table manner.


According to the need of 21st century education. We provide the best and latest education system through power-point and E-education so that student can understand clearly and where learning becomes fun.


 Features of our hostel:
A hostel plays a significant role in transforming students personality. It is a place where they learn an important lesson of socialization which is indispensable for a successful life. They become self confident, accountable and amiable, when they stay in a hostel, hostel is also the best alternative for the students generally from outside the valley. Keeping all these things in mind, we provide the hostel facilities for both boys and girls from grade I to X.
  • Hostel and day boarding facilities with homely environment.
  • Parental care
  • Hygienic food
  • Remedial classes for slow learners
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Special Saturday/holiday activities like; sports, handwriting, essay competition and other entertaining and recreational activities.
  • Local and outdoor trips under the supervision of warden and teacher.



Apart from classroom teaching learning process, our school gives equal important to extra curricular activities for the students’ multidimensional personality development which includes following criteria’s

  • Football (along with full length play ground)
  • Basketball (in the supervision of foreign coach)
  • Cricket (proposed cricket academy)
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Track & field
  • Folk (Classical)
  • Western
Music along with : –
  • Vocal
  • Madal
  • Keyboard
  • Guitar and so on
  • Swimming
  • Art and craft
  • Hiking (around Kathmandu valley)
  • Geographical and Historical Tour
  • Literary Activities
    • Debate competition speech competition
    • Essay  competition
    • Poem writing &Reciting competition
    • Story writing and so on
    • Quiz Contest
      • Inter house
      • Inter  school
  • Spelling Contest and News Reading Contest.
  • Flag Ceremony –includes house division
Red Green Blue


We Organize:

Sports week, foundation Day, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Dance Competition, Grand Farewell program. etc.