Message From Principal

East-pole has been serving its community and education field of country for the last 20 years. Over this time it has been a leader in educational innovation and nurtured outstanding number of very successful graduates and placed a high value of developing, independent and confident young adult.

Our academic curriculum is based on holistic pattern and offers diversity innovation and research oriented, while promoting the best teaching practices based on critical thinking methodology.  Our classroom goes beyond the four walls and prepares the students not only to read the book but also get outside practical knowledge and experience. Students become lifelong learners when learning is fun and meaningful.

Furthermore, the school emphasizes on the wholesome development of young minds through sense of social responsibility, compassion, generosity, a global outlook an inquisitive, analytical mind and confidence in their ability to make positive contribution to the society and the world.

It is sense of great pride and pleasure that I welcome you in the school and to be a part of East-Pole.

                                                                                                                                                            Rajesh Rai